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Log into your client portal

We have two options for your client portal: eMoney and AdviceWorks. While we need you to have an AdviceWorks account set up, both platforms are powerful and serve slightly different purposes. Elizabeth will tell you during your review which platform is best suited for you as your primary client portal.

Login to eMoney here

Your eMoney client portal is a secure platform where you can...

  • View all your financial accounts — investments & personal accounts — in a friendly dashboard.
  • Safely transfer sensitive documents between you and Elizabeth.
  • Plan, track, and receive notifications on your monthly budget.

Login to AdviceWorks here

Your AdviceWorks portal shares many aspects of eMoney. However, this portal is best for...

  • Viewing monthly and quarterly statements electronically.
  • Managing your eDelivery preferences. 
  • Viewing your aggregated account information.